Tuesday, December 18, 2018

activity 2 fabulous ferns summer learning journey

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hey guys this is activity two and here is the question from summer learning journey

On your blog list three sports teams that have the word ‘fern’ in their title. Beside each team’s name, post a picture of their uniform. Then, at the bottom of your blog post tell us which of the three uniforms you like best and why.

silver ferns black ferns
Image result for silver fernsImage result for black ferns                 Image result for football ferns uniform                             
football ferns
my favorite is the silver ferns because I always watch them and netball is my favorite sports blog you later


  1. Nice post Sydney but I thought the post was about finding 3 teams with the name ferns in it was I RIGHT OR Wrong HMM! I will go check now. Oh thanks Sydney Lucky I came and checked your blog thanks for reading here is my blog( bye.

  2. Jumbo Sydney,

    You have added three teams that have 'fern' in their name and pictures of their uniform for your readers to see. I like that you've shared your favourite sport with us, do you play Netball?

    Perhaps next time you include a bit more background information about the three teams you included in this post. For example, what sport do each of these teams play?

    I think my favourite team here are the Black Ferns, they are fit, fast and fierce out on the field. It's a joy to watch them play in their sleek black uniforms. They are awesome athletes and a force to be reckoned with!

    I hope your holidays are going great, keep working hard.

    Toe feiloa'i fo'i,